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i'm reaching out and i just can't tell you why

emma ~ 21 ~ uni student ~ ΔΦΕ
i've in my third year at university studying graphic design. i love the hunger games and also the chronicles of narnia, the maze runner, the selection, little mix, imagine dragons, cher lloyd, and paramore. georgie henley is my love and jennifer lawrence is my spirit animal. i have an obsession with bunnies. i adore red hair. this is my personal blog, so i post lots of random shit, both fandom and artsy. if you want me to see a post, just tag it cheesebuns for emma. feel free to drop me a message; i like talking to people. ~ 247475

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So I came home from school to see my 7 year old sister putting skittles with my antidepressants, I went up to her and asked “Hey what you doing?” She looked at me, smiled and said “Skittles make me happy so I put them with your medicine that makes you happy so you can be extra happy.” That was the cutest thing i’ve ever heard.

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You can literally answer “that’s what the government wants you to think” to anything

that’s what the government wants you to think

6/∞  screencaps of the chronicles of narnia
i'm currently in my second semester of my third year at university

i'm studying graphic design and i love it! i joined a sorority last semester, which has been amazing.