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emma ~ 21 ~ uni student ~ ΔΦΕ

I've just finished my third year at university studying graphic design. I love the hunger games and also the chronicles of narnia, the maze runner, the selection, divergent, and anything john green. georgie henley is my love and jennifer lawrence is my spirit animal. I have an obsession with bunnies. I adore red hair. this is my personal blog, so I post lots of random shit, both fandom and artsy. if you want me to see a post, just tag it cheesebuns for emma. feel free to drop me a message; I like talking to people. ~ 247475

and blow it all up in my face

Narnian Problems

  • Narnian Problems: When your tag is so full of shit from One Direction fans that you can't actually find anything in it related to Narnia
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